The Özbaşak Milling Machinery Systems Inc has been working in the market of flour mill equipment since 1996. The Özbaşak is recognized for its Ekonomill trademark, which has more than 20 years of experience in the production of advanced technology and equipment. Our machineries and their spare parts meet the latest standard requirements for efficiency, longevity and safety. We offer quite reasonable prices, trust in business negotiations, quality assurance and beneficial conditions to our domestic and foreign customers. Our company is equipped with experienced staff, qualified facilities and high-quality production, and offer reasonable prices. We have close business ties with companies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, India and Kyrgyzstan. We deliver following products and services: Turnkey mill projects. Compact milling systems. Multilateral milling systems. Automatic packaging systems. Efficiency measurement systems. High – capacity pre-cleaning systems. Different sized wheat, bran and grain silos. Grain and flour analysis instruments. Systems for a production of semolina, animal feed and pasta. Laboratory equipment. Grain cleaning and drying systems. Vision Continuously improve our business and management practices in the domestic and international markets and become a leading company in our industry in Turkey and the world. Mission Deliver high quality products and excellent services that meets customers’ expectations. Establish an effective communication between customers and gain long-term customers’ loyalty Improve competitive capacity and profitability.

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